Terms of Service - Habit hero

1. Introduction

Welcome to Habit hero, a product that helps you achieve your goals with a personal coach via Whatsapp, which will check in with you, help you get unstuck and define the best actions to move forward. By using Habit hero, you agree to these Terms of Service.

2. Data Privacy and Security

User data is collected via Stripe

User messages are encrypted using encryption and stored in a database.

Data interactions with OpenAI API are secure; the data is not used for training, long-term storage. Your data will be removed by OpenAi after 30 days and only be used for inspection by OpenAI if it is used for malicious practices that are out of line with the usages policies of OpenAI.

Your data is never shared with third parties or sold.

Habit hero is not liable for database breaches and advises users to review the privacy policies and terms of service of Stripe, Supabase and WhatsApp.

3. Content Ownership

Habit hero lays no claim to user data, user-generated content or AI-generated content.

4. Liability and Disclaimer

Habit hero is for entertainment purposes only.

The service takes no liability for the accuracy or applicability of the generated content.

Users are advised to use common sense and not to consider the responses from Habit Hero as healthcare advice.

Habit hero is not liable for any form of database breaches or malicious activities.

5. User Conduct and Responsibilities

Users may submit text content within legal boundaries.

Submitting illegal content or misusing the service can result in a ban or removal from the platform.

6. Service Access and Availability

There are no restrictions on accessing and using Habit hero, when acting within legal boundaries.

7. Payment and Refund Policy

Payment is processed via Stripe, and an access token is issued upon successful transaction.

Please read our refund policy to learn about refunds.

8. Modification, Termination, and User Data

Terms of Service are subject to change without prior notice.

Users are required to consent to updated terms with each purchase.

Users can request account deletion or data removal by emailing info@habit-hero.app.

9. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

These Terms of Service are governed by Dutch law.

Disputes will be handled via email and, if necessary, through arbitration.

10. Contact Information

For support or inquiries, contact Habit hero at info@habit-hero.app.