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Boost fitness, productivity, and mindset with our AI-coach's smart nudges and actionable insights for sustainable progress.
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What Some of Our Users Say

A Goal Gets You Started.
Consistent Action Makes It Happen

When the motivation is high, the going is easy. Once motivation drops, taking consistent action becomes harder. Our AI coach will check in with you and help you define easy-to-achieve steps to achieve any goal. Habit Hero tracks your progress over time and supports you when things aren't going as you'd like.

Step 1: Set Your Goal & Activity

You decide when you want to work on your goals and when you want to build habits. On the planned days, Habit Hero will send you messages to see how you're doing.
Scheduled Check-Ins

Step 2: Habit Hero Will Check In To Assist You

Habit Hero understands what you go through, thinks along with you, encourages you when you need it. He asks you for your ideas, your thoughts and feelings to help you understand how to grow and develop yourself.
A Coach and Companion

Step 3: Track Goal Progress

Habit Hero initially uses a goal that you'd like to achieve as a starting point. If you want to finetune your goal to a SMART goal, our AI coach will help you define it to match your personal context.
Dynamic Goal Setting

Using Timeless Principles

Habit Hero is built based on winning, proven systems.

  • starJames Clear's Atomic Habits
  • starCoherence Coaching
  • starSystemic Coaching
  • starPositive Psychology
  • starSMART Goalsetting
  • starAll captured in an AI Coach on WhatsApp
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"I need clarification on why this has not been created before. For example, with this acting as an actual human via messaging, I have found all the other apps primitive. I love love love love how it always asks me how it went and encourages me to move on. Over and over again without being frustrated. I love how it understands all the situations I am going through. This is what a Habit app should be. It even suggests and adds more to my ideas. It's like that big brother who knows so much but only gives to the ability that I can comprehend. This piece of tech truly touches me. Thank you so much for this creation. I wish you much success and hope people can see the true value in your creation."
Noh B
"Having Geoffrey [Habit Heroes AI Coach] as a personal AI coach who provides personalized guidance and support is invaluable. The ability to check in daily and receive tailored advice will undoubtedly keep me motivated and on track towards achieving my goals.\n I appreciate that Habit Hero offers a custom, language-friendly goal-building experience. This ensures that users from various backgrounds can fully engage and benefit from this fantastic tool."
Sam S
"It is an amazing initiative to help people reach their goals via their very own AI coach on WhatsApp. Who better than an AI coach to help us on the way to success? Well done for making it happen - let's continue to strive for success!"
Germán M

Pricing and Features

$13.99 per month

Are you serious about achieving your goals? This is what you may expect from us:

  • doneA lot of good, reflective questions
  • doneA better understanding of how to move beyond your limits
  • doneA lifechanging experience
  • doneCheckins whenever you schedule to work on your goals
  • doneAn AI coach on WhatsApp that messages you instead of the other way around
  • doneVoice, text, and 58 languages supported *with* a great accent
  • doneA product that we're constantly developing for you and many coaches around the world
  • doneAnd all that, on WhatsApp (we plan to add support for multiple platforms in the future)
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